About Us

About Us

Atheris Rifle Co. is a family owned and operated 07/02 FFL that specializes in the AR-15 platform as well as suppressors. We first opened our doors in January 2017 selling nothing but parts and accessories. We began building complete uppers soon after, with growing demand for the 6.5 Grendel, that is what we chose to specialize in shortly followed by the 12.7x42 (50 Beowulf). We now manufacture rifles and pistols in over 20 different calibers. We continue to strive every day to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients all over the United States as we build them the tools they need, while always expanding our offerings.


Owner & President of Operations: Zach Curtis

Contact: zach@atherisrifle.com


Purchasing and Sales Rep for the Mid Atlantic and South East Regions: Mark New

Contact: sales@atherisrifle.com


Sales Rep for the Midwest: Vacant

Sales Rep for the West Coast: Vacant